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Attractants and Minerals

  • Big and J BB2 Attractant 6 lbs.

    A long range attractant, BB2 Granular utilizes a proprietary refining process to make a nutrient rich, protein based formula that has an intense aroma that will attract more deer from further away. Deer crave the nutrient rich formula so they keep coming...

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  • Big And J Bb2 Liquid1 Gal.

    Super charge the feed site with the attractant power of BB2 liquid. Pour it on the ground or blend in with other feeds to give the area the attracting aroma and taste that Big and J is known for. Unlike other liquid attractants that are flavored sugar...

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  • Big and J BB2 Meltdown Mineral 1 lb. 8 oz.

    A blend of highly attractive minerals with less than 1 percent salt. Easy to use, just add water to the container and mix to start the chemical reaction. Once the mixture gets hot, pour it onto exposed loosened ground. The vapors carry the aroma of the...

  • Big and J Legit Mineral Mix 15 lbs.

    Serves as both a long range attractant and a true mineral supplement for deer. Made with a high calcium and phosphorus content to promote antler growth. Formed into firm "Smart Nuggets” that won’t blow away like powdered supplements.

  • Big and J To-Die-For

    A long range attractant that gives deer both what they want and what they need. To-Die-For provides the amazing attraction power of real sweet corn. Made from a special hybrid sweet corn that’s over 5 times sweeter than field corn. To-Die-For also...

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  • Cmere Deer 3 Day Harvest 5.5 lb. Bag

    This scientifically formulated, field-tested feeding system draws deer in like a magnet with its highly palatable, great-tasting formula. Supercharged with F5, this attractant increases deer activity and numbers, leading to more action during the season.

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