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  • Barnett Premium Red Dot Sight Black

    Premium illuminated triple dot scope with either red or green dot capability. With the capability to intensify the dot color makes this a perfect choice for any bow. The red and green dot allows you to keep both eyes open while shooting. 42 mm scope...

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  • CAMX ARC330 Scope 4x32 Non-Illuminated

    The ARC330 scope multi dot reticle helps minimize hold over and hold under in the field out to 70 yards. Built to withstand the unique recoil abuse crossbows create. Features fully coated optics, 1/4" MOA turrets and independent eye piece. Fogproof,...

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  • EVO-X Marksman Scope

    The Marksman is built to maximize performance in both hunting and competitive shooting situations. Waterproof and fog-proof, it features a variable speed and arrow drop-compensation setting for crossbows that shoot between 250 and 450 FPS. The...

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  • Excalibur Guardian Scope Mount w/Anti-Dry Fire

    In the event your crossbow is fired without an arrow, the Guardian system is a self contained unit housed inside the scope mount and catches the string preventing the crossbow from dry firing. It also features a built-in release so you can easily de-cock...

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  • Excalibur Rangefinder Mount

    Makes your range finder an indispensable part of your crossbow hunting kit. It holds your range finder to the scope where it can be easily accessed for split-second confirmation of your target range before firing. The mount features a Sorbothane shock...

  • Excalibur Scope Mount

    Built from strong anodized aluminum to solidly and securely position your scope for accurate shooting. Using a weaver type base, it installs in seconds using 4 pre-tapped mounting holes located on every trigger unit.

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  • Excalibur Scope Rings 1 in.

    Made from tough, lightweight aluminum and are anodized to a flat, non-reflective finish. They are strong enough to withstand the heaviest recoil without moving or changing point of impact.

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