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Tents and Sleeping Bags

  • KN1001522_2

    Klymit Insulated Hammock V Sleeping Padred

    Hammock camping is now a 4-season adventure. The Insulated Hammock V with non-slip zones and Klymalite lofted synthetic insulation boasts a generous 180 degrees of protection from cold air and drafts. And because this pad features incredibly light,...

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  • KN1001519_2

    Klymit Insulated Static V Luxe Sleeping Padred

    The biggest, warmest, most comfortable inflatable pad at around two pounds. It’s incredible what is able to pack into this luxury pad without going overboard on weight. Klymalite lofted synthetic insulation keeps you comfortably warm throughout the night...

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  • KN1001514_2

    Klymit Insulated Static V Sleeping Padorange

    Klymalite lofted synthetic insulation creates additional warmth that lasts through the night. Take on cold conditions without sacrificing comfort or pack size. Klymalite lofted synthetic insulation in the pad offers exceptional warmth without the dreaded...

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  • KN1001533_1

    Klymit Lay Flat Hammockblue

    The hammocks have diagonal stitch pattern that uses just two pieces of fabric instead of the traditional three-panel design. This creates a more comfortable, asymmetrical sleeping position as your body aligns with the seam. It also means less stretching...

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  • KN1001525_2

    Klymit Luxe Pillowgrey

    A large, quilted pillow for those who crave extra comfort. This is an all-around crowd-pleaser for casual campers, travelers, and backpackers willing to carry an extra ounce or two in the name of better sleep. The generously-sized air bladder is wrapped...

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  • KN1001518_2

    Klymit Static V Luxe Sleeping Padstone

    Sleep Outside with the ultimate in packable luxury. This wide version of the V-Chamber design is large enough to accommodate the broadest shoulders. It’s the perfect option for those who toss, turn, and tend to roll off narrower sleeping pads, yet it...

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  • KN1001512_2

    Klymit Static V Recon Sleeping Padcoyote-sand

    The original Static V spec’d in a military-ready color and ready for any adventure. The Static V Recon features the same pack size as the original and looks as good on a weekend getaway as it does on a tactical mission. The exclusive V-Chamber design...

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